Truck Stop (TS) / Waste Management (SCA Disposal) or Any Site not town owned or worked on, ie Clinton St Site
  Truck Stop Site (TS) SCA Disposal Site (et al) Effect not using Truck Stop
Ownership Yes No - $650K or more to purchase Extra Cost for Town
Tax Revenue No Yes Lost Revenue (permanent)
Water/Sewer Yes No - pub infrastructure to site needed Extra Cost for Town
Electric / Phone Yes No good distance from road Extra Cost for Town
Site Tested Clean No Extra Cost for Town
Town Site* Liability Minimal Unknown & contaminated runoff in sewer system = new DEP/EPA liability Extra Cost for Town
Site work Basically Done Significant site work required Extra Cost for Town
Paving Yes - substantial area paved No Extra Cost for Town
Bldg Costs - estimates $75-$150SF - General Steel - works w/ MA municipalities / Morton? $370SF - PARE For Example: A Finished 20,000SF bldg means Extra Cost for Town possibly $4.5M-$6M more + expenses above
Leaf Dump, etc will fit Yes Yes Same
Neighborhood Issues: DPW hrs 8am - 4pm M-F (school/work hours) little facility work. Currently: leaf dump is in a cemetery, next to a home / Truck Stop is snow dump now - Currently, downtown residents & those on route to dump site affected - a few times in winter (once in 2011-12 winter) / S Hunt dump site would move noise to other side of road for Woodbridge/S Martin. A DPW would take Ind property off the tax rolls and depreciate already undervalued property next to it.
Homes affected 5 abutters - appx 20 properties "indirectly" impacted 14 (13) properties arrow stretch past S-curve "directly" impacted Increased danger
Businesses affected 1 junk yard - abutter 13 (9 +/-*) narrow stretch past S-curve "directly" impacted Increased danger
DPW operates during business and school hours - no traffic generated on Woodbridge or S Martin Rd- S Hunt Rd is very narrow w/dangerous S-curve on the very narrow road- town vehicles will effect entire neighborhood of existing 7am-5pm businesses (cars,towing company & 18 wheelers
All employees relocate No No Same
Empty bldgs/soon to be Horace Mann School / Annex / Ordway / School St House
Accessibility Yes - Less traffic & neighborhoods than current local and S Hunt Rd property No Negative for Everyone
*condos in 1 or more bldg Conclusion: Other Site NOT Good for Neighborhoods or Amesbury
Alan's Truck Stop has been for sale for over 10 years and is a convenient site for everyone. Done right w/ buffering, a DPW can make the property attractive. If someone finally shows up to buy it in 10 or 20 years, they would pay for the DPW move. Not using the truck stop is not in the best interest of the town.